The purpose of the SCCER Mobility Governing Organs is to ensure the implementation of the proposed goals.
In particular, they shall pursue the following objectives:

  • ensure capacity expansion in academia and the operation of the SCCER Mobility
  • encourage and/or expand the basic research in those areas in which higher education institutions need to make greater efforts to implement the Energy Strategy 2050 long-term
  • promote the potentially most effective ideas and approaches, in particular in applied
    research and development
  • include the new topics in teaching and advanced training
  • ensure that research results are transferred to the market
  • embed the activities in other energy relevant innovation activities (Innosuisse projects, R&D plants, lighthouse projects in the frame of SFOE programs) and make sure that they are complementary to each other;
  • include the Cooperation Partners early in the process
SCCER Mobility organigram


1) Governance and Strategic Board
2) Representatives from all participating academic institutions (Academic Research Partners)
3) Cooperation Partners, representatives of Swiss Federal Offices (BFE, ARE, BAFU etc.), international scientists
4) Head and Deputy Head, Capacity Area Coordinators and Deputies, Managing Directors
5) Managing Directors, Administrative Assistant
6) KTT, Young Talent Development, Advancement of Women

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