12th Swiss Energy and Climate Summit

  • 9/19/18 8:30 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

On the move – co-creating the change

19 September 2018, Kursaal Bern

The facts are on the table regarding the challenges facing us in the areas of energy, climate and the environment. The technologies required are available, and energy policy guidelines have been drawn up, with the Paris Agreement and the Swiss Federal Council‘s Energy Strategy 2050 serving as signposts to the future. Now it’s time for all the high-minded strategies and assurances to be followed through with concrete action. A successful energy and climate policy for the future will be driven by the companies involved, and the time has come to overcome hurdles, break down walls and move forwards so that, together, we can set things in motion and shape the world of tomorrow. The SwissECS 2018 will be held under the motto: On the move – co-creating the change.

The 12th instalment of the leading conference on energy and climate change issues in Switzerland will be focused on the opportunities inherent in change and an attempt to sketch out the next steps on the road to sustainable development, for instance in the areas of transport and mobility.

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