6th Symposium SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage

  • 10/25/17 9:00 AM
  • fiorella meyer

The large volume of electricity production capacities from fluctuating renewable sources, installed in recent years is the first step towards a CO2 and nuclear waste free energy future. Nevertheless, to transform this vision into reality, a strong focus needs to be set on storage for the sake of grid stability and independence.

The SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage 6th Symposium will deal with these important topics. The morning session covers the ambitious area of hydrogen storage in hydrides and CO2 conversion, presented from the perspective of researchers, start-ups but also from well-established players from industry exploring future business fields. The afternoon is dedicated to heat storage, future battery manufacturing developments and demonstrators.

Venue and date: 25 October 2017, at the Hotel VATEL, Rue Marconi 19, 1920 Martigny

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