Congratulations to the first “Future Transport Systems” graduates!

  • 7/19/17 10:15 AM
  • fiorella meyer

Final event of the CAS “Systemic Aspects of Future Transport”

Final presentations of the first CAS “Systemic Aspects of Future Transport”, part of the MAS ETH “Future Transport Systems”, took place on 13 July at Villa Hatt, ETH Zurich. Four student groups investigated possible mobility scenarios for 2040 for Switzerland and specifically for the city of Zurich using the simulation software MATSim. Presentations evaluated resulting scenarios, assessed the influence of future technological and non-technological (economic, political, social) factors along with putting results into a practical perspective. For example, one group showed that even with drastic measures (implemented city toll zone or home office for commuters) an intensified shift to public and non-motorized transport was not observed in the simulations. Keeping in mind the limitations of such models, this may suggest that mobility behavior only changes notably if people’s well-being is implicated (health, noise, traffic congestion) or if effective political regulations are put into place.

Invited external experts from, among others, the Canton of Zurich Office of Transport (Kanton Zürich Amt für Verkehr), Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) and Zurich Transport Services (Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich) participated in the ensuing discussion and offered insights into the practical relevance of the results.

In the afternoon, the CAS participants visited the EMPA move facility, where different energy conversion and storage processes for fueling future mobility without fossil energy are under investigation. This allowed them to see alternative fueling technologies (electric, hydrogen and synthetic methane) up close and they even took a ride in the vehicles, which are powered by these different fuels.

For more information about the MAS ETH “Future Transport Systems”, visit the program website or contact Dr. Renate Grau.

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