E-digger has won the Swiss Solar Prize 2015

  • 11/16/15 2:41 PM
  • fiorella meyer

The innovative constructor Markus Affentranger has initiated the world’s first 16-ton solar digger with electric drive in close cooperation with Prof. David Dyntar (Hochschule Luzern and Suncar project of ETH Zurich), Prof. Max Stöck (Interstate University of Technology NTB in Buchs) and the construction equipment manufacturers Huppenkothen.

The SUNCAR electric digger operates at a low noise level, emits no pollution and with 75 to 167 kW, it has a considerably higher performance than comparable diesel diggers with just under 70 kW. The modified Takeuchi digger requires only 30,000 kWh/a instead of 150,000 kWh/a – less than 1% of the 3.2 GWh/a of the in-house solar power production by Markus Affentranger and Markus Bösiger. Battery capacity amounts to 190 kWh and allows a 9-hour daily operating time. Compared to a diesel digger, the solar digger emits 40 t CO2 less every year and saves 21,000 CHF fuel costs per year.

Professor Max Stöck from NTB is active on the Capacity Area A1 of SCCER Mobility. His activities within SCCER Mobility focus on research of thermal behavior of battery cells and systems under real conditions, development of novel cost-effective cooling systems and integration of battery systems into structural components.

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