ETH ISTP Colloquium: Mobility in the future

  • 5/15/18 5:15 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Lecture by Prof. Otto Anker Nielsen, Visiting Professor at TUDelft

15 May 2018, ETH Zurich

Mobility in the future; how can we consider autonomous vehicles, shared economy and digitalization in the present decision making. We are on the edge of a fourth transport revolution, where autonomous vehicles in a setting of shared economy and digitalization may radically change mobility and the transport system. However, most political decision making is still based upon models, forecasts and paradigm, which do not take these potential radical changes into account, even though the decisions may have perspectives of decades (traffic contracts, rail rolling stocks, light rails) or more than a century (railways, tunnels, motorways).

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Location: ETH Zurich, UNO B 11