Energy Storage on Locomotives and the Railway System - Academia-Industry Dialogue

  • 10/1/15 2:15 PM
  • fiorella meyer

You are kindly invited to join the SCCER Mobility Academia-Industry Dialogue dedicated to

Energy Storage on Locomotives and the Railway System

that will take place on 1st October 2015 in ETH Zurich, ML J25/26.

Public transport operators are facing — as the whole society — the challenge of reducing energy demand. Depending on the traction system, motivations and aims are different: While for combustion engine based systems the main argument is the reduction of fuel consumption in order to lower the emission of greenhouse gases, in electrical transportation systems the power grid load — peak, stochastic or continuous — is the critical parameter.

One possible approach to both of the challenges is the usage of onboard energy storage devices: While braking energy can be stored and reused in combustion engine systems, electrical systems can profit as the same technology allows to reuse the energy without employing the power grid, thus lowering peak and stochastic loads. Additionally, sections without catenaries can be covered with vehicles that are usually operating under catenary, which is an increase in operational flexibility.

The aim of the event is to provide an exchange platform for the different innovation stakeholders: manufacturers, researchers, relevant government authorities and public transport operators. We think this exchange could help the researchers to better understand the industry research needs, the critical parameters and the decisive criteria for an optimal use of energy storage technologies in the railway system. Representatives from academia and industry will present and discuss the current issues in the respective areas. Please find below the detailed program.


14:15  Introduction

14:25  Current open issues, different perspectives:

          Prof. Ulrich Weidmann, IVT, ETH Zurich, “Rail operation and energy consumptions”
          Prof. A. Vezzini, BFH-CSEM ESReC, “Replacing the battery technology for passenger coaches of SBB”
          Dr. Steffen Schranil, SBB Energy Management
          Dr. Andrea Mazzone, Bombardier Transportation Locomotives
          Urs Bikle, Stadler Rail
          Markus Häusermann, Director of Project Hause, Siemens

15:25  Discussion, moderation: Prof. Andrea Vezzini

16:10  Conclusions and closure

16:15  Networking Apéro

The event is organized by the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research (SCCER) for Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility.
Participation to this event is free. Please see also Flyer.

Registration is requested and open until 24 September 2015. Please register using the doodle link or contact

For more information please contact Dr. Gloria Romera Guereca, PMP, Co-Managing Director SCCER Mobility
Phone +41 44 633 8006,