Environmental impacts of current and future mobility technologies

  • 4/3/19 11:30 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Background report by PSI sets the scene for this SCCER Mobility public event on May 2nd

What are the environmental impacts of current and future mobility technologies and how severe are they? Is electromobility really the most sustainable solution and what are the requirements for this? The Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis at PSI investigated these and other questions in a background report and factsheet entitled “Environmental burdens of current and future passenger cars”. The basis for this was life cycle assessment.

In this context, SCCER Mobility invites to this public event to give an overview of the methods, results and conclusions of the report as well as ongoing updates. In the following panel discussion, experts representing different stakeholders and interests will reflect critically upon the input talk and debate its relevance for Switzerland. Along with considering the topics of life cycle assessment and sustainability (environmental, economic and social aspects), we would also like to address political questions surrounding electromobility and new car technologies during the discussion.

The event will take place in German on 2 May 2019 starting at 16.15 at ETH Zurich (LEE E 101). For more information and the detailed program, refer to the flyer or this link.

If you are interested in participating, registration is open now until 25 April 2019.

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