New Cell and Module Test Rigs ready for start testing thermal management at NTB Buchs

  • 4/28/15 2:42 PM
  • fiorella meyer

The New Cell and Module Test Rigs built up at NTB Buchs allow to measure in situ the “real” heat flux released under different working conditions, i.e. charging and discharging

Operation with discharge currents up to 400 A, and max. charging current of 220 A at the single cell level are possible. To measure the corresponding heat release more than 80 measuring points – depending on the size of the battery cell – are available. These checkpoints can be distributed at the bottom and top side of a cell by a 7x5 mm matrix and around the edges. Simultaneously local temperature distribution of the cell surface is recorded.

A second rig is dedicated to test battery modules up to 65 V with discharge and charging currents of max. 365 A. Tests performed in this Module Test Rig will help to improve thermal management of battery systems as well as contribute to achieve a better battery performance and reliability. The work of Prof. Dr. Stöck and Dr. Rizzo is part of the Swiss Battery Research Platform being developed within CA A3.

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