SCCER HaE Summer School

  • 6/30/19 3:00 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Heat, Electricity & Flexibility

30 June - 5 July, Dorint Hotel Bl├╝emlisalp, Switzerland

The energy system faces big challenges in the future. The CO2 footprint of fossil primary energy and its impact on climate along with the risks (and costs) of nuclear power supply forbid the business as usual options if the Paris climate targets and the social decline of the (nuclear) risks are respected.

This summer school offers the cutting-edge know-how on energy storage technology from the fundamentals to the applications. Each day is dedicated to a particular field of technology. A comprehensive overview on battery, heat storage, hydrogen, life cycle- and socio- economic aspects as well as "electricity to chemicals" technologies will be provided by experts in the field.

The event is limited to 30 participants with natural science or engineering background at a level of PhD students, or Post- docs from Universities and for Scientific Assistants of Universities of Applied Science.

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