SCCER Mobility Academia-Industry Dialogue

  • 11/29/18 2:30 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Decarbonizing the freight sector in Switzerland

29 November 2018, 14.30-17.30, ETH Zurich, LEE E 308

Road freight is the most energy intensive freight mode (per tkm) and runs almost exclusively on fossil fuels. Electrification and renewable electricity are expected to change this in the case of cars. But for heavy-duty vehicles, achieving useful autonomy ranges using battery electric propulsion is challenging. One possible workaround is to recharge vehicles during operation, e.g. using electric road systems (such as overhead lines or dynamic wireless charging systems), opportunity charging or swapping the entire battery. Alternatively, electricity could be converted to synthetic fuels such as hydrogen, thus allowing more energy to be carried on board. All of these solutions promise decarbonization yet they require new, expensive energy infrastructure, interfere with operations and only work if a renewable energy supply can indeed be guaranteed.

Decarbonization may thus be complicated and expensive, but it could also provide opportunities for new business models. To address exactly such questions, SCCER Mobility is organizing an Academia-Industry Dialogue to bring together experts from research and practice to discuss possible paths towards decarbonizing the freight sector in Switzerland. Specifically, the event weighs options for vehicle technology, infrastructure and refueling requirements. In this context, we will present recent research results by SCCER Mobility colleagues in this field. One highlighted study explores the technical limits of electrification using real data from the entire Swiss truck fleet.

This and other inputs from academia, industry and public offices will serve as a basis for this Academia-Industry Dialogue. The discussion aims to guide our future research and competency development towards investigating relevant questions for businesses active in the freight sector.


  • 14.30   Short inputs by academia, industry & public offices
  • 15.30   Round table discussion
  • 17.30   Networking Apéro


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