SCCER Mobility flyer is ready

  • 9/24/15 4:36 PM
  • fiorella meyer

SCCER Mobility flyer is ready and can be downloaded or ordered by post  

Our flyer includes short descriptions of the research capabilities within our Competence Center and the contact info of the Capacity Area coordinators.

The goal of the new communication measure is to disseminate the existence of the Competence Center, our mission and objectives and the different competences we cover within our research program. We believe to gather with our flyer the interest of potential partners or other researchers interested in joining forces towards a more sustainable transport sector.

The Management Office will provide print outs to all SCCER Mobility partners in order to support us distributing the flyer within their institutions and at related events they participate or organize. We already distributed flyers at the SCCERs stand during the Swiss Climate Summit 2015 in Berne.

For feedback or flyer request please contact the Management Office.