System Models in Life Cycle Assessment

  • 9/5/16 9:00 AM
  • fiorella meyer

Summer school on system models in life cycle assessment, - September 5-9, 2016 in Grosshöchstetten, Switzerland.

Please read the pamphlet which gives you more details. Organizers are not only interested in people specializing in environmental assessment, but also PhD students and postdocs who build or work with models of relationships between and among the natural and industrial ecosystems.

There will be investigated questions like:

- How do we decide that markets in a certain region or substantially different from or similar to markets in other areas?

- How can we better understand the local impacts of certain emissions with a global spatial scale?

- Given our available data, is it more scientifically meaningful to take marginal or average producers of a good?

- How do we allocate credit or blame to processes with multiple useful outputs, or to the production of a waste which can be transformed
  into a useful resource?


Contact for more information

Chris Mutel, Technology Assessment Group, LEA
Paul Scherrer Institut, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland

phone    +41 56 310 5787