The project GoEco! has been awarded with the first place at the Energieschweiz AppWelt 2014 contest.

  • 2/6/15 2:35 PM
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GoEco! is a joint project between the Institute ETHZ-IKG and SUPSI-ISAAC.
(Capacity Area B1 resp. B2 of SCCER Mobility)

GoEco! aims at developing and testing a community based eco-feedback approach to promote sustainable personal mobility styles. It addresses the research question: “How can a sustainable personal mobility style be promoted?”. The reserarchers propose to analyse and study social processes with the goal to make people aware of their behaviour and energy consumption and motivate them to change their mobility lifestyles using gamification and dynamics of social-networks.

The project will provide a deeper understanding of the main opportunities and barriers for sustainable personal mobility and how feedback mechanisms work in the area of mobility. It will provide advice for local public authorities regarding land-use and transportation planning and offer guidelines for addressing the long-term challenge of reducing private motorized transport.  GoEco! is part of the National Research Programme NRP 71 and will contribute to achieving the goals set within SCCER Mobility.

For more information please contact Dr. Roman Rudel ( or Prof. Martin Raubal (

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