eVTOL – The Promise of Large-scale, On-demand Urban Air Mobility

  • 4/26/18 5:30 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Lecture by Diana Siegel, Program Manager, Aurora Swiss Aerospace

26 April 2018, ETH Zurich

eVTOL aircraft promise an entirely new form of urban mobility by taking transportation to the air. Flying instead of travelling on the ground is not a new idea. However, it took the convergence of several technologies to bring this idea within reach: high-performance electric powertrains, vehicle autonomy and ubiquitous connectivity. While the technology has come a long way as demonstrated by many successful sub-scale and even full-scale prototypes being flown, challenges remain. In order to be successful as a commercial product, eVTOLs need to become sufficiently safe to carry humans in regular operation over populated areas, reliable enough to operate at high utilization and cost-efficient enough to close the business case for future operators. This talk will examine the current state of the art of vehicle technology and readiness of the wider ecosystem as well as identifying areas requiring further research and development.

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Location: ETH Zurich, ML H44