Young Talent Development

Webinar Series

New this year SCCER Mobility is organizing and hosting a seminar series as a platform for young scientists to present their research projects related to the center. Along with showing how specific projects fit into the goals of SCCER Mobility and the Energy Strategy 2050, speakers have a chance to practice addressing a broad and interdisciplinary audience. The series also promotes connectivity between the different groups and locations as all talks can be streamed from anywhere. Check out the programs and details below for each semester:

Fall 2018   |   Spring 2019   |   Fall 2019  |  Spring 2020  Fall 2020

If you are interested in participating as a speaker next semester, please contact Kirsten Oswald.

Presentation skills course

12 & 19 June 2018 at ETH Zurich

A presentation skills course for PhD students, postdocs and junior researchers involved in relevant SCCER Mobility projects took place on 12 & 19 June at ETH Zurich. Thirteen participants learned about how to present their scientific work effectively especially to non-expert audiences. This included improving on-stage demeanor, presentation style and visualization skills. Furthermore, participants learned how to create a story around their research project to capture the interest of a specific audience.

If you are interested in participating in a similar course, please contact Kirsten Oswald.

ETSAP Workshop - Special Session on Decarbonizing the Transport Sector

12 Dec 2017, 8:30-14:00 at ETH Zurich, Alumni Pavillon

The Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP), a Technology Collaboration Program of the International Energy Agency (IEA), promotes open source solutions for energy scenario modeling. The Energy Economics Group at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) organized this year’s semi-annual ETSAP meeting. In the joint special session “Decarbonizing the transport sector – how far can we go?”, organized in collaboration with SCCER Mobility, talks focused on challenges and solutions to lower emissions and combat climate change in the transport sector. In particular, this included the assessment of long-term decarbonization pathways, available technological options and policy instruments. Participating guest speakers and researchers came from all around Europe, providing ground for diverse exchange and broad discussion.


Start-up and Entrepreneurship Workshop

8 June 2017 at ETH Zurich

This workshop hosted by SCCER Mobility in collaboration with CTI and ETH transfer aimed to sensitize participants to the start-up concept and provide information about support networks offered by CTI, ETH transfer and other academic institutions for entrepreneurs and young inventors.

Christoph Falk from CTI and Philip Hassler from IFJ AG gave an overview of the CTI start-up and entrepreneurship training modules and the CTI start-up label. This program includes mentoring by coaches with extensive start-up experience as well as e.g. legal, technical and financial support.

Specifically for researches associated with ETH, Marjan Kraak from ETH transfer introduced ETH spin-off and other support options like the Pioneer Fellowship Grant and the ieLab. Most Swiss academic institutions provide similar support programs and networks (see SCCER Mobility presentation below).

Finally, two young CEOs, Nick Blake from ImagineCargo GmbH and Christophe Barro from vir2sense GmbH, presented their start-ups and some of the challenges they encountered while launching their businesses. While ImagineCargo specializes in sustainable logistics solutions (rail and bike), vir2sense develops sensors to optimize both engine efficiency and emissions mainly in the shipping industry.

Overall feedback was positive and during the concluding apéro, participants were able to talk to the speakers and gather more ideas on how to bring their research to the market.

Program flyer (printable pdf version)


SCCER Mobility, CTI, ETH transfer   -   vir2sense   -   Imagine Cargo and City Logistics


Summer School
Energy Storage in Batteries: Materials, Systems and Manufacturing

11 - 15 July 2016 in Möschberg, Switzerland

Energy storage devices are key components in current energy systems and will be even more important in the near future, in particular for electric mobility and renewable energy storage. With 16 speakers from academia and industry, the summer school offered a profound over­view of battery research, from basic electrochemistry and material science to the management of battery systems and key application issues in the automotive and the electricity industry. The summer school was co-organized by SCCER Mobility and SCCER HaE and was kindly supported by the Accumulators and Supercapacitors research program of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).

The participants’ overall feedback on the course contents and the summer school organization was very good. Many regarded the lectures given as highly relevant, convincing and comprehensible, and appreciated the mix of fundamental and applied input. In the future, more methodological input with practical exercises and alternative learning methods such as in-depth discussions in smaller groups should be included in the program.

program -  reader information - evaluation summary

Life Cycle Assessment Workshop

11 June 2015 at ETH Zürich

In the frame of our Young Talent Development Program, a Life Cycle Assessment Workshop (LCA) Workshop took place on 11 June 2015 at ETH Zürich. More than 30 participants obtained an introduction to LCA and discussed solutions for the type of environmental assessment most helpful for their own project. We would especially thank Dr. Bernhard Steubing and Dr. Christopher Mutel, speakers of the workshop and SCCER members.


SharePoint Course

8 January 2015 at ETH Zürich

A SharePoint Course for our member research groups took place at ETH Zürich, organized by ETH's IT Training Group. SCCER Mobility uses SharePoint to use minutes jointly, exchange data, presentations and other documents of common interest for SCCER Mobility members.

For documentation of the course please see in our Intranet (SCCER Mobility members only), for other information or if you are interested in a similar course, please contact Fiorella Meyer, Administration at SCCER Mobility:, 044 633 85 86.


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