SCCER-f Interviews

Francesca Cellina

Francesca Cellina leads the Sustainability and Society research group at the Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). Within SCCER Mobility, her research investigates the potential and effectiveness of ICT-based tools for increasing environmental consciousness. In particular, how these tools can influence individual mobility choices and patterns and ultimately aid in reducing the overall mobility demand. Research efforts are highly participatory and “in our projects, we always interact with citizens and stakeholders, and recently even started co-designing possible solutions with them”, she says.

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Elisabeth Anne Cazier

Dr. Elisabeth Anne Cazier is a post-doctoral researcher at Bern University of Applied Sciences. She works on the use of fermentation or anaerobic digestion of bio-waste to produce methane, chemical molecules or energy. Her particular research field is the use of pretreatments to improve the production of methane from agricultural waste. Elisabeth values the exchange with other researchers within the SCCER BIOSWEET, ‘I am keen on participating to the SCCER BIOSWEET events since it is interesting to know what is happening outside of my field’, she says.

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Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka

Dr. Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka is a post-doctoral researcher in the Thermal Process Engineering group at the Paul Scherrer Institute. She is contributing to several projects within the SCCER BIOSWEET. Her work focuses on the use of biomass for the generation of grid-quality biomethane and electricity. In particular, she looks at developing and validating specialized gas cleaning processes for new process chains developed in the SCCER BIOSWEET. She has also worked on assessments of the total potentials and costs for electricity generation from domestic biomass resources in Switzerland.

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Astrid Björnsen Gurung

Dr. Astrid Björnsen Gurung is Coordinator of the Research Program ‘Energy Change Impact’ (ECI), a joint activity of the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology Eawag. She is member of the Advisory Board of the SCCER BIOSWEET and initiated a Working Group on Knowledge and Technology Transfer with representatives from all SCCERs, NRPs 70 and 71 and other relevant initiatives. Astrid is a relentless analyst, synthesizer and addicted networker. Her current research interests cover various sources of renewable energy and the anticipated impacts of resource use on the environment, landscape, economy and society.

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Bettina Furrer

Bettina Furrer is Professor for Sustainability and Technology at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and since 2012 Head of its Institute for Sustainable Development (INE). She also holds the position of Deputy Head of the SCCER Energy Society and Transition (CREST). Bettina’s research focuses on the interface between sustainability and technology with particular emphasis on the sociotechnical transition of energy systems. Other research interests are technological innovation systems and business models related to and financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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SCCER Interviews is a series of interviews of SCCER’s members aiming at increasing the visibility of the female scientist active within the energy field and encouraging young scientist to pursue an academic carrier. It is a joint activity of all 8 SCCERs.