Start-up Promotion

Links to support networks offered by Innosuisse, ETH transfer and other institutions for entrepreneurs and young inventors:

Innosuisse start-up and entrepreneurship training modules and start-up coaching
This program includes mentoring by coaches with extensive start-up experience as well as e.g. legal, technical and financial support.

ETH spin-off
ETH Zurich has been supporting the foundation of companies based on its research achievements. The objective is to turn such research results into marketable products and to create qualified jobs.

Pioneer Fellowship Grant
A Pioneer Fellowship is awarded to an individual or groups of individuals intending to independently develop a highly innovative product or service to be exploited commercially and/or for the benefit of society.

The programs and services offered by the ieLab for young entrepreneurs and researchers are designed to help make the results of scientific research carried out at ETH Zurich available to business and society more quickly and to fully exploit their commercial value.

digitalswitzerland startup enablement
digitalswitzerland provides support for startups and entrepreneurs through three initiatives: Startup Bootcamps, Venture Kick and Startup Invest.

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