Adaptricity AG on board

  • 7/14/17 4:37 PM
  • fiorella meyer

Adaptricity AG joined SCCER Mobility and will collaborate with Capacity Area B1

Adaptricity is an ETH spin-off company of the Power System Laboratory. The company specializes in developing software tools to simulate and analyze distribution grids. This allows to better understand and respond to the challenges of the energy transition for electricity grids, i.e. high shares of distributed renewable energy generation as well rising electric mobility and electric heating. Adaptricity helps grid operators to cost-effectively adapt their grid infrastructure to these new challenges, using both conventional grid upgrades as well as novel SmartGrid elements including distributed energy storage and demand response.

Recently, LEONI, a global wiring systems and cable technology provider, acquired the majority stake in Adaptricity. Together the companies will contribute to promoting smart power distribution and the transition towards renewable energy resources worldwide.

In the second funding period of SCCER Mobility, Adaptricity will support research carried out in Capacity Area B1, which focusses on reducing energy demand by combining mobility patterns, urban planning and environmental data. Tasks include:

  • Modelling a benchmark distribution grid in the city of Basel
  • Developing an assessment tool to cost-effectively adapt electricity grids to E-mobility charging demands
  • Incorporating mobility-induced charging profiles in road-based mobility models

For more information, contact Dr. Andreas Ulbig, COO Adaptricity, or check out this video.

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