CAS “Technology Potentials” concluded successfully at Villa Hatt

  • 2/14/18 10:18 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Final presentations uncover practical relevance, opportunities and challenges of newest technologies

On 2 February at ETH’s Villa Hatt, participating students concluded the second CAS “Technology Potentials”, part of a series of three in the MAS ETH “Future Transport Systems”. Four student groups presented case studies highlighting different emerging mobility technologies, including powertrain, energy carrier and spatial information and communication technologies. While groups were able to work on a case of their choice, the goal was to assess the applicability of a specific technology and elaborate different strategies for its adoption into a business sector. For example, one group evaluated the performance of different powertrains and vehicles (internal combustion and battery electric delivery vans and cargo bikes/trikes) for covering a typical city logistics route in the city center of Basel. From the analysis, which took different efficiency, environmental, infrastructure and economic criteria into account, it became evident that cargo bikes were the most energy efficient and sustainable option, while also being able to meet the logistic demand of the studied area.

The third CAS “New Business Models” of the MAS started in January and will run until July of this year. Following its success, the MAS ETH “Future Transport Systems” will restart in January 2019 with the CAS “System Aspects”. Registration will open in spring 2018. For more information about the MAS ETH “Future Transport Systems”, please visit the program website or contact Maria Youssefzadeh.

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