Dynamics and options for future mobility systems

  • 7/10/19 11:56 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Participants of the CAS “System Aspects” analyze cases from car sharing to autonomous shuttle services

On 4 July 2019, the sixteen students of the CAS “System Aspects” presented their final projects. The five projects were group efforts dealing with different developments that are likely to shape future mobility systems. The following cases were investigated:

  • Digitalization and automatic driving as an opportunity to provide on-demand public transport services in city districts
  • Mobility behavior of senior citizens in 2040 considering their purchasing power
  • Connecting autonomous vehicles with infrastructure – necessity and relevance for mobility systems
  • The possibility of free-floating car sharing as part of future urban mobility
  • Steering measures promoting e-mobility for light-duty commercial vehicles – an investigation of possible approaches and impacts

This marks the successful finish of the first CAS of the second round of the MAS “Future Transport Systems”. The next CAS “Technology Potentials” will start in September with fourteen enrolled participants. Registration for the CAS “New Business Models” starting in spring 2020 is open now! Visit the program website for more information and register today.

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