MAS “Future Transport Systems” – final thesis presentations

  • 6/6/19 3:20 PM
  • Pascal Sonder

On 10 May 2019, the first class received the degree Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS) “Future Transport Systems”. This marks the successful end of the first round of the program that was developed within the framework of SCCER Mobility. After finishing the three Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) in “System Aspects”, “Technology Potentials” and “New Business Models”, students began work on their masters’ projects last fall semester. This included selecting a topic of research, documenting the process and major outcomes in a written thesis and presenting the work in a final presentation.

In this first round, five students completed the course successfully, which they began in spring 2017. The five topics of investigation covered pertinent questions in the field of future mobility. These included the development of ride-pooling, mobility as a service and on-demand offers. On a more technical level, studies explored the potential of a hardware application for connected cars and electric highways in Switzerland. If you are interested in finding out more details, please check out the summaries of the projects below (in German).

Currently, the MAS program in its second round and students of the CAS “System Aspects” will be presenting their final projects in July. Registration for the next CAS “Technology Potentials” is still open until 15 June. For more information, visit the program website.


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