New funding opportunities for mobility research!

  • 12/15/20 10:42 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Swiss Federal Office of Energy to open two calls for proposals with a focus on mobility

As the SCCER program is coming to an end, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) continues to provide support and funding for the energy research community in Switzerland.

The Research Programme Mobility Call 2021 “Future Transport Systems” focuses on systemic aspects of the transport sector, in particular:

New mobility concepts

  • Alternative drive systems in heavy goods transport and other innovative freight transport solutions, new concepts for urban logistics
  • Integrated multimodal transport systems including micro-mobility for the last mile
  • Integration of electro-mobility into a holistic energy system, use of the vehicle battery to support the grid and system, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) solutions
  • Technological and economic challenges in the fields of production, distribution and use of synthetic and biogenic fuels in the transport sector

Fundamentals, analyses and perspectives of the transport system

  • Life cycle analyses of existing and future mobility systems, at the drive system, vehicle type and overall system levels
  • Influence of new drive systems and fuels (synthetic and biogenic) on the electricity and gas networks, and on the overall energy consumption and emissions into the environment
  • Scenarios for changes in mobility behavior due to societal change, new business models, crises and changed political framework conditions
  • Questions relating to the collection, availability, security, use and ownership of mobility-relevant data

Technical optimization of vehicles and drives

  • Optimization of the energy management of vehicles, in particular with support from geo-information systems, big data and artificial intelligence
  • Optimization of the drive train and auxiliary units
  • Increase in efficiency through optimization of aerodynamics and vehicle weight

Questions about the call can be directed to Luca Castiglioni until 21 December and submission deadline is 1 March 2021. More information about the call and application procedure can be found on the SFOE website.


The Swiss Energy research for the Energy Transition (SWEET) Call 1-2021 “Living and Working” will open in the first quarter of 2021. This call focuses on energy-relevant aspects of everyday life with an emphasis on buildings, city districts and mobility. It is aimed at large, inter- and transdisciplinary research consortia that plan to conduct their research in conjunction with a suitable “living lab”.

For more information about the SWEET call, please refer to the program website.

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