New structure and module MAS | CAS ETH in Future Transport Systems

  • 12/11/20 12:05 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

CAS courses offered more frequently along with new topics on aviation and freight!

Each semester the MAS ETH in Future Transport Systems will start with either the CAS Systems Aspects, Technology Potentials or New Business Models. Along with the completion of the Master’s Thesis Module (during one semester), participants can graduate from the program in two years. The simplified structure allows an entry into the program at any time. The above-mentioned CAS courses repeat after three semesters, this increases the frequency so that the management can quickly incorporate latest technical research and innovation as well as policy changes into the course curriculum.

The technology for long haul freight transport on cargo ships with reduced CO2 emissions is already available. ABB and Hydrogène de France signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a megawatt-fuel cell system for long haul cargo and passenger vessels, only one of several new initiatives to reduce CO2, NOX, SO2 and particulate matter emissions drastically. However, the current business relations between ship owners and shipping companies do not promote the deployment of such clean propulsion technologies. The former because the investment costs are still very high, the latter because they only have a short-term interest spanning the overseas journey. The new module “System aspects of aviation and freight transport” deals with these topics.

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