Opportunities and challenges for electric mobility

  • 12/6/16 2:41 PM
  • fiorella meyer

THELMA: An interdisciplinary assessment of passenger vehicles

The final report of the THELMA project, in co-operation with the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research “Efficient technologies and systems for mobility”, has been delivered.

You can download the report here.

The project was sponsored by CCEM, swisselectric research and Erdölvereinigung. It took 5+ years and engaged 18 researchers from EMPA, ETHZ and PSI. The scope and depth of the integration part was strongly extended thanks to our SCCER. Five Ph.D. students carried out their Ph.D. thesis fully or partially within the THELMA project. This includes Dr. Gil Georges, now head of the Energy Systems Group at the Laboratory of Prof. K. Boulouchos as well as Coordinator for the Strategic Guidance Project.

Professor Konstantinos Boulouchos of ETH Zürich and Head of SCCER Mobility was a Member of the Steering Committee of THELMA and served as the link with CCEM. His support and advice are gratefully acknowledged.

Dr. Stefan Hirschberg, Project Leader of THELMA is active in Capacity Area B2 of SCCER Mobilit where he serves as Capacity Area Coordinator and Research Group Leader.

For more information about THELMA consult directly:
Dr. Stefan Hirschberg
Paul Scherrer Institut
Head, Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis, Energy Divisions
Phone: +41 56 310 29 56
E-Mail: stefan.hirschberg@psi.ch

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