SBB launches new Green Class combined mobility

  • 4/23/18 3:35 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Become a mobility pioneer with the new SBB combined mobility solutions

Based on the success of the first pilot project “SBB Green Class E-Car”, SBB has now developed a new Green Class combined mobility package in collaboration with its partners. With this new offer, users can take advantage of using mobility services in combination. This includes the use of public transport, electric cars and designated parking spaces at stations or Mobility car-sharing services located at stations as well.

SBB Green Class started as a research and innovation project with two pilot projects. Along with “SBB Green Class E-Car”, which ran from February 2017 to February 2018, the pilot project “SBB Green Class E-Bike” started in September 2017 and will continue until September of this year. Both projects are part of a research collaboration with ETH Zurich, which investigates the mode choice and mobility behavior of the pilot costumers. Analyzed data shows that participants changed their mobility behavior by opting for combined and more sustainable mobility choices more frequently over the course of the project. On average, Green Class pilot costumers reduced their individual CO2 footprint by about 1.5 t per year, which equals 20% of each costumer’s annual mobility CO2 emissions.

Long-term SBB will continue to expand their “mobility as a service” offers. Results show that this can indeed have positive implications for lowering mobility-related emissions.

Prof. Martin Raubal’s group Geoinformation Engineering and Prof. Kay Axhausen’s group at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems at ETH Zurich, both part of SCCER Mobility Capacity Area B1, carry out research efforts related to the SBB Green Class pilot projects.

For more information, visit SBB Green Class.

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