SCCER interview with Kasia Arturi

  • 5/17/19 11:31 AM
  • Pascal Sonder

Increasing the overall sustainability of biomass biorefinery schemes

Kasia Arturi is a postdoctoral researcher in the Catalytic Process Engineering group at PSI and member of SCCER BIOSWEET. She studied chemistry and biotechnology at Aalborg University, where she also conducted her PhD research on the topic of hydrothermal valorization of waste products. At PSI, her work aims at increasing the overall sustainability of biomass biorefinery schemes by valorization of the lignin fraction into aromatic building blocks from which new types of green chemicals and biodegradable materials can be produced. More specifically, her research topic deals with mild oxidative solvothermolysis of lignins in biphasic systems. Concerning the energy transition, Kasia Arturi believes that we face a serious challenge, which is fascinating as it also presents unique opportunities to “force paradigm shifts from mindless consumption towards multilateral sustainable development.” Her research in the field of bioenergy may support the energy transition as it has the potential to change the way we produce chemicals and make biomass valorization economically attractive.

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The SCCER interview series is part of its Advancement of Women and Equal Opportunities initiatives.

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