Swiss Energy Research Conference 2016

  • 4/22/16 4:01 PM
  • fiorella meyer

Last April, the 10th edition of the Swiss Energy Research Conference took place in Lucerne under the heading “From Invention to Innovation”.

The SCCER Mobility Head and Deputy Head, Konstantinos Boulouchos and Andrea Vezzini, contributed to a panel discussion about the past four years of federally funded energy research and expectations for the future.

Open the detailed program and fact sheets in English or see the Blog of the BFE (Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE). Information in German and French can be found here.


 Paneldiscussion Energyconference


SCCER Mobility Deputy Head Andrea Vezzini 2nd from left) and SCCER Mobility Head Konstantinos Boulouchos 2nd from right) contributing to a panel discussion at this year’s edition of the Swiss Energy Research Conference in Lucerne.

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