Highlights Phase I

A2 Chemical Energy Converters

Cell development and lab demonstrator

The concept of cooling polymer electrolyte fuel cells by evaporation of water from thin stripes in modified patterned gas diffusion layers has been validated successfully in a laboratory experiment. With a current density of up to more than 1 A/cm2 the total heat flux in the cell is negative, proving that more heat is released from the cell by evaporation than produced by the electrochemical reaction.

Cost effective fuel cell system (pdf)

Advances in internal combustion engines

Several achievements have been reached in this area, including:

  • Investigation and simulation of new ignition and combustion processes of compressed natural gas (CNG) engines
  • Examination of engine (combustion) control-based thermo-management of diesel pilot injection-based combustion for CNG engines
  • Development of fully variable valve-train for more efficient part load operation of gasoline and CNG engines

Project GAS-ON (link)

Internal combustion engines (pdf)



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