Highlights Phase I

A1 Systems and Components for Electric Mobility

Swiss Battery Research Platform

The 2015 established platform serves as a common contact for industry and features expanded battery-testing facilities at BFH, Empa and NTB. The platform includes new cell and module test rigs for heat flux measurements that are installed at NTB. The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre, one of the largest research platforms for battery technology available for industrial R&D projects in Switzerland, is the hub of the platform.

Swiss Battery Research Platform (link)

New cell and module test rigs at NTB Buchs (link)

New battery technologies for different industry applications

Novel battery technologies and management systems have been developed for niche market manufacturers of rail, bus, construction as well as agricultural and municipal utility vehicles. Projects include novel Li-ion battery packs for SBB, the “Evolaris – electric aerobatics” project, Swiss Trolley plus in collaboration with Carrosserie HESS AG and the E-digger project.

High-efficiency hybrid electric bus (link)

E-digger wins the Swiss Solar Prize 2015 (link)

European Solar Prize 2015 for e-digger (link)

Battery research platform solution in a demonstrator (pdf)



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